Halloween spiders

When I was thinking about Halloween 2016, I realised I wanted to do something different than what I did for the previous 5 years. So I asked myself, how could you dress a candy so that it looked like a spider? The idea came and this tutorial shows how I went about it.

What you need:

  • styrofoam balls or half-ball shaped candy
  • utility knife
  • thin black paper
  • fluffy wire aka pipe cleaner
  • very fine wire
  • sharp scissors
  • wobbly eyes
  • small glue dots (to attach the eyes)
  • big glue dots (to attach the legs)

If you’re going to use candy, as I originally did, you’ll have to find one that has a shape of a half-ball (I used this, but you can only get that in the Czech Republic or Slovakia). However, it turned out people didn’t want to eat the candy because they didn’t want to destroy the spiders, so I offered that they eat it and I’d re-do their spider with styrofoam.

If you’re going to use styrofoam, cut the balls into halves with a utility knife.

Cut a square from the black paper and wrap the styrofoam. You don’t have to do  precise, just do it approximately like this.

Cut 4 pieces of the fluffy wire.

Wrap a very fine wire round the middle several times, and make it really tight.

Shape the future legs into a sort of fans.

Use a big glue dot to attach the legs to the body. You can use as many as you want; I used 3.

Shape the legs into a spidery form. 🙂 If you feel a leg is wobbly, feel free to use more glue dots to attach it.

Attach the wobbly eyes with small glue dots. If you can get sticky wobbly eyes, lucky you – I didn’t find any.

And here is your finished spider.

You can also play with colour fluffy wire.

Some more pictures.


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